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Elrigfr is a non-profit focused on the use of automation, robotics and laboratory instrumentation and larger laboratory automation applications in a francophone environment.



We are a rapidly growing special interest group focused on laboratory automation. Our membership consists of over 12,000 scientists and engineers. We have Bay Area California, Chesapeake (Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Delaware), Europe, Germany, Mid Atlantic, Midwest, New England, Northwest, Philadelphia, San Diego, SouthEast, Upstate New York, and Texas chapters. A majority of members are from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry with others from the chemical, agriculture, cosmetic, food, and specialty industries.


ELRIGde stands for E uropean L abor Roboter INTERESTS C ommunity. De
And it’s just that – a community of members with similar interests – all in one forum. For all who are interested in automation in life sciences are approached to perform in-depth discussion around devices, applications, quality assurance, compound libraries, best practices and innovations.