The General Committee

To ensure that ELRIG fulfils its purpose and remains relevant to the drug discovery community, it is steered by the General Committee, who act as a direct connection to the community and thus is comprised of a diverse group of people.  The current General Committee is

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Download our Articles of Association here: SCHEDULE 2 Regulation 3 (

A list of all GC, names, and affiliations.

Emma Howarth
(Langton Howarth)

Simon Chell

Gerry Alden

Jeanette Woolard
(Nottingham University)

Matthew Ridley
(University of Liverpool)

Alex Alderton

Fabrice Turlais
(Evotec )

Louise Affleck

Martin Pearce

Saman Honarnejad
(Pivot Park Screening Centre)

Verena Brucklacher-Waldert

Emma Shepherd
(Aston University)

Sarah Lupton

Michelle Ricketts
(Codon Communications)

Eve Stalker
(Excellerate Bioscience)

Elain Duncan
(University of Glasgow)

Melanie Leveridge

Katie Chapman

Chun-Wa Chung

Scott Cribbs

Lisa Stott
(Sosei Heptares)

Merve Mutlu
(Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research)

Theresia Schaedler
(Maxion Therapeutics)

Catherine Kettleborough

Malcolm Crook
(Peak Analysis & Automation)

Saleha Patel

Thomas Edmonds

Jarrod (Jazz) Walsh

Emily Norman

Willim Lee

Alexander Kingdon
(Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)

David Cronk

Tim Hammonds
(Consultant – Drug Discovery)

Thomas Lundback

Simon Ward
(Cardiff University)

Steven Trim

Bagmi Pattanaik
(Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg)

Chris Williams

Clare Cockerham

Clare Viney

Kate Smith

Mark Soave
(Omass Therapeutics)

Paul Kendall

Sanj Kumar
Rob Howes
(Charles River)

James Farmer
(Excellerate Bioscience)

Jonathan Hutchinson

Nick Clare

Kevin Moore
(Life Science Professional)

Roger Clark
(Charles River Laboratories)

Sara Schmidt

Del Trezise

Lotta Räty

Martin Main

Paul Wylie

Ramila Patel 

Kelly Gray

Tara Shanks

David Baker

James Pilling

Jeeven Singh

Jessica Evans
(Magnitude Biosciences)



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