Advances in Cell Based Screening in Drug Discovery 2015 – Technology Prize

At ELRIG’s recent meeting, Advances in Cell-Based Screening in Drug Discovery, held at the AstraZeneca site in Molndal, Sweden, delegates were invited to vote for what they felt was the best technology amongst the products on show in the vendor exhibition. The winner of the prize was Promega with their “NanoBiT”.

Zhong Yu, Promega’s product manager for Benelux was presented the award at the close of the hugely successful meeting.

Promega developed NanoLuc® Binary Technology (NanoBiT), a two-subunit system based on NanoLuc® luciferase that can be applied to the intracellular detection of protein protein interactions (PPI). Large BiT (LgBiT; 18 kDa) and Small BiT (SmBiT; 11 amino acid peptide) subunits are expressed as fusions to proteins of interest, where PPI facilitates the NanoBiT complementation to give a bright, luminescent enzyme. In contrast to many split systems, the LgBiT:SmBiT interaction is reversible, allowing the detection of rapidly dissociating proteins. PPI dynamics can be followed in real-time in living cells using the Nano-Glo® Live Cell Reagent. Advantages over split systems include better sensitivity, allowing fusion protein expression at or near physiological levels, reversibility, real-time measurements using a non-lytic assay format. More information on NanoLuc® luciferase can be found here, and contact your local representative for the NanoBiT technology.