Drug Discovery Digital:
The opportunities await

This year, your trusted and respected Drug Discovery conference is GOING DIGITAL! #ELRIGDDD. (You know why). From October 6–16th, we will be bringing you the latest in drug discovery – in a virtual and interactive format.

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We are here to explain a few important things you need to know about Drug Discovery Digital, the virtual version of ELRIG’s flagship event. At this event, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in experiences that could boost your career and research; network with peers from across the community, attend vendor workshops, and of course, be exposed to the latest cutting-edge science. Read on to find out what you can expect from Drug Discovery Digital, including interactive exhibition experiences and insights on key issues, innovations, and opportunities in drug discovery.

What to expect: Digital World, the virtual experience

To help you get the most out of this conference, we have created a Digital World for Drug Discovery Digital. You have to see this one to believe it – check out the demo video now to explore! Digital World is a virtual experience which helps you navigate event information with ease. View the content of presentations, fly your sponsor banner, and browse the large number of exhibitors, all from the comfort of your home or office. Digital World allows you to explore each exhibitor stand virtually, where you can chat directly with a vendor representative via live video or text chat. You can also schedule appointments for a later time, watch company videos, and grab a white paper off the shelf.

To ensure you don’t miss out on the chance to network, we have set up a ‘lounge’ area where you can hop on a Zoom call to chat with a vendor or fellow delegate. And, as no conference is complete without poster sessions, we have created a virtual section for the posters too. In Digital World’s poster sessions, you can browse posters, get in touch with presenters, and connect with them easily LinkedIn.

What to expect: hot topics in drug discovery

Gain insight into the latest opportunities, challenges and innovations across hot topics in drug discovery, which will be spread across 8 session tracks. To learn more about each track, be sure to check out the summaries posted on ELRIG’s website. For now, here is a sneak peak into the key discussion areas…

The tracks will explore the following pressing questions (and many more!): What can be done at the Hit identification stage to reduce attrition rates in preclinical and clinical research? What are the latest lead discovery strategies and how successful have they been? How can we probe GPCR pharmacology? How is anti-infective drug discovery unique and how can the latest technology be applied to develop new treatments? How can patient relevant model systems better serve modern drug development? How are multi-omic approaches used to enable drug discovery and precision medicine? What’s the latest from Cancer Research UK? How have novel treatment modalities transitioned from concept to the clinic, and what challenges remain?

What to expect: world-class speakers

ELRIG’s Drug Discovery conference is an exciting, expertly organized event which attracts a wealth of industry leaders and academic experts. Keep an eye out on the event website to discover who will be speaking across the 8 tracks.

You can look forward to hearing from over 50 world-class speakers, including two distinguished plenary keynote speakers:

There is nothing like hearing about cutting-edge technological innovations and unique insights first-hand. These discussions and presentations can drive your research forward by bringing you the latest information, so why don’t you register now?

What has changed?

The programme will run over 10 days instead of 2. You’ll have to supply your own sandwiches and coffee this time (sorry). On the bright side, bare feet and slippers are acceptable attire this year.

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What hasn’t changed: ELRIG’s commitment to you

The European Laboratory Research & Innovation Research Group remains fully committed to connecting people from across the drug discovery community to help foster collaborations that push research forward. This event, in its altered format, is back for the 14th year running, and will deliver the same high-quality programme many of you have come to know and love.

Whether you’re a drug discovery industry professional, a PhD candidate or a seasoned academic researcher, you don’t want to miss this. And yes, the event is still free to attend. Make sure you register now to claim your spot!

Tips for getting the most out of your time at Drug Discovery Digital

  • Download the ELRIG app to have all the event information and schedules in the palm of your hand. Alternatively, visit the ELRIG website for an interactive event programme.
  • Take your time to browse virtual booths, and save all relevant files for future reference
  • Vendors: Create your own unique booth and monitor visitor statistics
  • in real time
  • Early career researchers and professionals: Don’t miss the Careers Panel Discussion, CV Clinic, and Network like a Boss (ELRIG’s speed networking event)
  • Spread the word on social using the hashtag #ELRIGDD20 and follow along for updates

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