Early Career Professionals

Did you know that over 2000 biomedical science delegates attended ELRIG conferences in the last 12 months, all at no charge? Of these, nearly 400 are ‘early career professionals’, or ECPs – either students in undergraduate, PhD or first post-doctoral positions or scientists that are just setting out on their industrial career path. These ECPs are critical contributors to ELRIG, bringing new science, fresh ideas and energy to every event.

Building such networks is an imperative for ECPs as they navigate the myriad collaboration and career options ahead of them. As part of the 2019 ELRIG events programme, there will be a range of activities designed specifically for early career professionals.

Early Career Professional Activities at Research & Innovation 2019
Homerton College, Cambridge, 2-3 April 2019
Careers in Drug Discovery: Networking with purpose

Are you a post doc, PhD student or early career professional (ECP) scientist looking to start or build your career in drug discovery? If so, understanding how to network with purpose and effectively build your professional network may help benefit your current role, provide the opening for your next collaboration, funding opportunity or step in your career

We invite you join us at our ECP workshop event at ELRIG Research & Innovation 2019

  • Discover how networking is an important and valuable skill for researchers
  • Learn how to prepare for effective networking at conferences and meetings
  • Hear the Dos and Don’ts of successful networking
  • Practice and refine your networking skills with other ECP scientists & expand your network
Why Choose ELRIG?

If you’re actively involved in biomedical research and innovation, and are an ECP, why choose ELRIG?

  1. Despite the saying, lunch (and registration) really is free at all ELRIG events.
  2. ELRIG builds enviable high quality scientific agendas that showcase the latest developments in drug discovery and research platform technologies.
  3. ELRIG events provide a vibrant, informal setting to network with others across all sectors of the community, including academics, biotech and pharma scientists, technology vendors and support professionals.

If you have ideas about things you would like to see and/or can help with outreach please get in touch with group leader, Del Trezise (Derek.Trezise@Sartorius.com).