ECP Impact Award

Join us to congratulate to the ECP Impact Award and Poster Winners

Part of ELRIG’s vision is to provide a platform for early career professionals (ECPs) both through our dedicated events, training and networking opportunities. The bi-annual Early Careers Professional Impact Award showcases scientists who have contributed through their research, leadership or voluntary work.

The presentation is made twice a year, in the spring at ELRIG’s Research & Innovation conference (which with its focus future technologies and advances, is the obvious place to celebrate future scientific leaders) and in the autumn at ELRIG’s flagship event, Drug Discovery.

This year’s spring winner, Yichao Yu was presented his award by Del Tresize, ELRIG Board member, at Research & Innovation 2023., in front of the entire audience of over 350 delegates Yichao, is a research associate at University College of London, presented his work which uses magnetic nanoparticles to stimulate astrocytes and the potential application in neuromodulation in conjunction with ultrasound.

Early career professionals may apply directly or be nominated by a colleague, so if you know a fantastic scientist just starting out, please give them a nomination.

The poster session at ELRIG events is always full of lively discussions and there were two poster awards up for grabs at Research & Innovation, a general poster award and the best ECP poster award.

The award for the was won by Ganesh Shanane of Iktos entitled “Structure-based generative AI de novo drug design” and the award for the Best ECP Poster was won by Emma Buzzard of the University of Exeter entitled “Cryo-ET for investigating the role of respiratory chain organization in health and disease”.

Congratulations to all our award winners.

ELRIG Early Career Professional Impact Award at Drug Discovery 2023

An Early Career Professional (ECP) can be a student in undergraduate, PhD or first post-doctoral position or a scientist that is less than 5 years on their industrial career path. These ECPs are critical contributors to ELRIG, bringing new science, fresh ideas and energy to every event.

This award will recognise impact achieved through one of the following ways:

  1. Through the delivery of impactful science, contributing to early, pre-clinical drug discovery
  2. By their science or technology development work
  3. Through their leadership or facilitation of collaborations within the drug-discovery space
  4. Through other philanthropic and volunteering contributions

ECPs may apply directly or be nominated by a colleague, as ELRIG invites the wider community to propose ECP colleagues that have made noteworthy impact. In each case, application requires submission of the following:
1-page, 300-word synopsis of the ECPs contribution and its impact on early drug discovery, using the following form and a brief 2-page resume.

The deadline to apply is the 17th of September 2023.  The winner will be notified before the event.