ELRIG and SLAS come together to present the latest in laboratory automation and screening at SLAS Europe 2022

ELRIG and SLAS come together to present the latest in laboratory automation and screening at SLAS Europe 2022

We’re excited to be participating in the upcoming Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Europe 2022 conference in Dublin, Ireland, in May.  Register now to hear the latest research in the field, including our session on Laboratory Automation for Physiologically Relevant Screening Models chaired by Dr Saleha Patel, Senior Research Scientist at AstraZeneca and ELRIG Board Member.

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Stronger together – a collaboration focused on sharing knowledge

In 2021, ELRIG joined forces with SLAS to bring the latest high-quality content focused on laboratory automation and its application within drug discovery to our joint communities working across the US and Europe.

ELRIG’s mission is to provide an open communication forum within which members can learn through sharing information and experiences, and network with other members. We run a series of open-access, free-of-charge conferences, webinars, and networking events to equip life scientists with knowledge of cutting-edge research areas with the potential to revolutionize drug discovery. We are a volunteer-led, not-for-profit organisation, run by and for the life sciences community.

The SLAS is a professional society of academic, industry, and government researchers as well as developers and providers of laboratory automation technology and tools. SLAS leads the pursuit of research excellence by offering tangible resources such as its international conferences and symposia, and scientific publishing, and provides opportunities for continuing education, grants and scholarships, professional collaboration, networking, and career advancement.

“We are excited to be teaming up with SLAS – by collaborating on a comprehensive portfolio of events focused on the application of automation technology across biotech and pharma industries, we are able to deliver a diverse range of content and bring together different research communities across our US and European audiences.  At ELRIG, our purpose is to support researchers in the life sciences and drug discovery communities to learn, share, innovate, connect, and collaborate. This makes SLAS Europe 2022 an ideal event for us to be a part of.” says Sanj Kumar, General Manager, ELRIG.

About SLAS Europe 2022

SLAS Europe 2022 is packed with the latest research on emerging topics in automation and screening, as well as sessions and panel discussions, focused on how to build and succeed in a career within the life sciences and biotech industries.

With educational tracks dedicated to Emerging Biology and Emerging Technology, the SLAS Europe conference is an ideal event for scientists to gain knowledge and familiarity with the latest techniques and methods from experts within the field.

As part of the Emerging Technology track, the ELRIG session will explore how automation is enabling a wide range of novel screening workflows and cell systems.

Physiological screening using cell-based systems is becoming a preferred approach for target identification and lead generation thanks to its ability to provide richer biological insights than target-based screening. Traditionally, these screens have been time and labour intensive. Thankfully automation is increasing the efficiency and scale of these previously low-throughput cellular screening models and enabling their wider implementation.

Speakers from ELRIG’s community, who work at InSphero, GSK, ETH Zurich, and Mosa Meat will be discussing how automation is driving progress in their current research programs, including how to streamline 3D workflows to enable automation, and using automation in organoid-based drug screens and physiological screening models.

“I am really excited to have the opportunity to Chair this session at SLAS Europe 2022. Recent advances in automation for more physiologically relevant screening models, combined with AI/ML, are allowing us to have adaptable and agile workflows within drug discovery. This is enabling the discovery of new targets, finding better lead drug candidates, and ultimately increasing efficacy in the clinic. The pace of technological advancement in this area is relentless. We have a great line up of speakers and I am very much looking forward to hearing from the pioneers at the forefront of this area.” – says Dr Saleha Patel, Senior Research Scientist at AstraZeneca and ELRIG Board Member.

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Can’t make it to SLAS?

Like SLAS, we believe that successfully translating discoveries requires the convergence of knowledge from all aspects of life sciences – across biology, technology, engineering, and research. Our participation at SLAS Europe 2022 is just one example of how we are working together to share high-quality scientific content and unique perspectives with the drug discovery community.

We’re also collaborating on these upcoming events:

  • Targeted Protein Degradation Mini-Symposium – June 7th 2022, Novartis Pavillon, Novartis Campus, Novartis, Basel
    • Join us live, or virtually, at this event, to hear a series of talks describing efforts from discovery to the development of novel compounds directing targeted protein degradation.  Read more and register here  Targeted Protein Degradation Mini-Symposium
  • ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022 – October 4th-5th 2022, Excel, London
    • SLAS will host an Innovation Avenue in the Exhibition Hall, featuring 12 international start-up companies promoting new technologies, and will chair a track on Advances in Automated Screening featuring speakers from Abbvie and Roche. Read more and register here ELRIG Drug Discovery 2022 
  • Robotics & Automation 2022 – Applications & Innovations – November 30th-December 1st 2022, Esslingen, Germany.
    • The life science industry is increasingly making use of robotics to automate specific processes, which when used in combination with artificial intelligence and machine learning is having an immense and profound impact on the speed and success of the drug discovery process.
    • This meeting, jointly organised by SLAS and ELRIG, will focus on the application and interaction of robotics and automation in the traditional biological and chemical spaces, as well as the physical challenges of how to automate beyond the microtiter plate to shift the testing paradigm. We will also highlight how recent innovations and the application of artificial intelligence are changing how robots interact with humans and their environment.
    • This two-day conference will provide an exclusive opportunity to network and be involved in inspiring and interesting discussions with opinion leaders in instrumentation, informatics, lab automation, strategy developers and industrial automation experts together with a strong and aligned vendor community. The meeting is free-to-attend, and spaces are limited, so early registration is essential.  Read more and register here Robotics & Automation 2022 – Applications & Innovations

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