ELRIG has recently announced that it is changing its name to the European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group to reflect broader life science research commitments and our expertise in bringing together academic and industry thought leaders to drive new innovations in drug discovery.

The new brand aims to deliver the group’s mission of enabling drug development programmes across the UK and Europe by providing free-of-charge delegate access to scientific meetings and conferences that highlight the newest research and state-of-the-art technology advancements in a broad range of scientific disciplines. At the core of the brand is a distinctive focus on the scientific content, with conference agendas designed to address the changing needs of the drug discovery and life science communities.

“The pharmaceutical industry is currently undergoing significant changes as researchers seek out more relevant disease models and new technologies that can advance the understanding of drug targets and their role in disease biology,” said Steve Rees, Vice President Screening Sciences, AstraZeneca. “ELRIG has responded to these changing needs by continuing to develop diverse scientific programmes focused on cutting-edge research and innovative solutions like primary cell models and phenotypic screening that have the potential to revolutionize drug discovery.”

“Increasingly, drug discovery efforts are being undertaken in both industrial and academic settings. The change in name, will make our organization more accessible outside of our current community, allowing us to achieve our mission of providing leading scientific content to a wider research group,” said Sanj Kumar, Chairman, ELRIG.

Rebranding also includes subtle changes to the organization’s logo that maintain its origins in laboratory automation while reflecting its current expansion into highly diverse life science research areas.

“ELRIG was founded based on the use and application of automation, robotics and instrumentation in life science laboratories. But today, we have grown and are proud to cover a broad range of science and technology areas including drug discovery, assay development and screening, high throughput technologies, diagnostics and biomarkers, and bioinformatics,” said Dermot Boylan, General Manager, ELRIG.