ELRIG – Next Generation Networking for Biomedical Science

Did you know that over 2000 biomedical science delegates attended ELRIG conferences in the last 12 months, all at no charge?

Of these, nearly 400 are ‘early career professionals’, or ECPs – either students in undergraduate, PhD or first post-doctoral positions or scientists that are just setting out on their industrial career path.  These ECPs are critical contributors to ELRIG, bringing new science, fresh ideas and energy to every event.  So, if you’re actively involved in biomedical research and innovation, and are an ECP, why choose ELRIG?

Well, first, and despite the saying, lunch (and registration) really is free. Second, ELRIG builds enviable high quality scientific agendas that showcase the latest developments in drug discovery and research platform technologies. Third, and most valuably, ELRIG events provide a vibrant, informal setting to network with others across all sectors of the community, including academics, biotech and pharma scientists, technology vendors and support professionals.

Building such networks is an imperative for ECPs as they navigate the myriad collaboration and career options ahead of them. On behalf of the ELRIG Board, it is my pleasure and pride to lead a workgroup to focus on the needs and participation of ECPs in future ELRIG meetings.

Over the coming months we will roll out out a series of meeting activities – speaker slots, poster prizes, speed-networking, career advice etc. – that are targeted to ECPs. If you have ideas of things you would like to see and/or can help with outreach please get in touch!   Del Trezise (Derek.Trezise@Sartorius.com)

Join Del Trezise (Essen and ELRIG Board member) and Emma Howarth (Managing Director of Langton Howarth & ELRIG General Committee member) at an Early Career Science Day hosted by Leeds University on 15th May 2018. For further information download the flyer now.