Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices Manufacturing | Insights from Professor Dimitrios Lamprou

Professor Dimitrios Lamprou is the Chair of Biofabrication and Advanced Manufacturing at Queen’s University Belfast.

Dimitrios will be talking about ‘Emerging technologies for sustainable pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing’ and the challenges of keeping abreast of manufacturing technologies while yet making drug delivery systems and medical implants that are clinically efficacious, easy to use, and the manufacturing process is sustainable.

At Queen’s University Belfast, Dimitrios’ research lab (Lamprou Lab) is based within the Faculty of Medicine, Health & Life Sciences (MHLS), which has been key in ensuring his research team has accurate knowledge of the needs of the medical professionals but also in enabling access to view surgical procedures and have conversations with the patients themselves. The user experience from both groups is used in the design and manufacturing process, which has resulted in devices including a 4D-printed* smart implant for breast cancer which can both change shape/size but also have the ability to release chemotherapeutic drugs, and a 3D-printed bandage that delivers innovative treatment for diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs).

*4D printing is the production of 3D items that have the ability to either shape-shift or change characteristics like stiffness or colour. These changes can be ‘programmed’ in response to variation in pH, temperature, or other environmental conditions.

Dimitrios will be discussing his talk “Emerging Technologies for sustainable pharmaceutical & medical devices manufacturin” at the Advances in Cell-based Screening 2024 Conference in Gothenburg to find out more.

Join him on 16 May in the scientific track ‘New Technologies – a look under the hood of new leading technological platforms and how they are revolutionising drug discovery.’

More about Dimitrios Lamprou

Professor Dimitrios Lamprou (Ph.D. MBA) is the Chair of Biofabrication and Advanced Manufacturing & Director at MSc Industrial Pharmaceutics at Queen’s University Belfast. He is also the Chair at United Kingdom and Ireland Controlled Release Society (UKICRS). Dimitrios, has been recognized as world leader in 3D Printing & Microfluidics, with PubMed-based algorithms placed him in the top 0.1% of scholars in the world writing about 3D Printing, and in the top 0.07% of scholars in the world writing about microfluidics, over the past 10 years. He is the author of over 150 peer-reviewed publications, has over 450 conference abstracts, has given over 170 Invited Talks in institutions and conferences across the world, and has secure Funding more than £5.5M. Dimitrios, has also been named in the Stanford list of World’s Top 2% of scientists, for several consecutive years, for research in Pharmaceutics and Biomedical Engineering. His research and academic leadership have been recognized in a range of awards, including the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Science Award, Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance (SULSA) Leaders Scheme Award, and Doctor Honoris Causa Award by Semmelweis University (Hungary). More info please visit www.emergingtechnologieslab.com.