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On June 4, 2014, the first ELRIGfr event took place at the Lausanne (Switzerland) EFPL, with as its theme: “Screening with label-free technologies”.

The 123 participants and 31 sponsors made this first event an unqualified success, auguring well for the future.

A large number of presentations included: Vincent Acker of Novartis (Can Biophysics be amenable to HTS?), Stéphanie Hennen of the University of Bonn (How the use of cell-based label-free dynamic mass redistribution assay provided invaluable help to elucidate signaling of the orphan GPCR GPCR17), Benjamin Rappaz of EPFL (Label-free image based screening with Digital Holographic Microscopy), Ismail Moarefi of Crelux (Using Label Free Microscale Thermophoresis in Drug Discovery), Aurélie Vassort of Sanofi (Label-free screening using Mass Spectrometry), Johnathan Wingfield of Astra Zeneca (Application of Mass Spectrometry as a label free screening technology within Discovery Sciences), Nicolas Basse of UCB (Orthogonal Biophysical Methods in Drug Discovery: label free comparison SPR – native Mass Spectrometry).

The Chairmen were Jacques Hamon of Novartis, Marc Chambon of EPFL and Benoit Fouchaq of CEREP.
The presentations were introduced and concluded by ELRIGfr’s President Olivier Casamitjana of Sanofi.

The next event organised by ELRIGfr will be held in Toulouse on October 16 & 17, 2014.
For more information : http://www.elrigfr.org/

The booths were located on two floors
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Lunchtime networking
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A large number of high quality presentations and snapshots
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