FOx Biosystems' Debut at Drug Discovery 2023: Navigating Surprises and Lessons For Future Exhibitors

Explore Drug Discovery 2023 with Susanna Lovell, FOx Biosystems

With over 2,000 attendees at ELRIG’s Drug Discovery 2023 event, this flagship conference bring life scientists across the globe together to learn, share & connect.

Susanna Lovell from FOx Biosystems exhibited at Drug Discovery 2023 for the first time. She had attended ELRIG’s Drug Discovery Conference as a delegate before and enjoyed attending the talks and wandering around the Exhibition Hall. But this was her first occasion representing a company on an exhibition booth.

Sarah from ELRIG caught up with Susanna from FOx Biosystems to learn more from her experience.

Sarah — So what was your overall impression of the Conference?

Susanna — My perception, as a delegate, was that Drug Discovery was quite an academic conference but I was surprised that actually there were more industry people attending.

Sarah — What did you wish you’d known before?

Susanna — I was on the booth by myself. In previous years, I’d walked around the event and thought that four people on a booth was overkill, but I can see the necessity now. The Exhibition Hall never went quiet as I was expecting during the talks so I was kept busy. Next time I’m going to have more help as I was always busy and although I got lots of leads, I think I could have got even more if I’d had colleagues to help me!

Sarah — Was there anything you weren’t sure about?

Susanna — My booth was opposite the Tech Theatre so there were people passing all the time, I did check that my conversations on the booth were not disturbing the speakers because I did feel it might be a bit noisy otherwise.

Sarah — What there anything that ELRIG could have done better?

Susanna — I found the event app a bit clunky to use when taking leads but I was able to get all the information I needed.

Sarah — Will you be recommending to your company that they exhibit next year?

Susanna — Definitely, I already have.

Susanna Lovell’s reflections serve as a compass for future exhibitors, stressing the importance of finding the right balance between working the booth and attending talks as well as the surprise of the bustling exhibition hall.


More about FOx Biosystems:

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