Intelligent technologies can be considered to have the capacity to replace, augment or complement human activity and have the potential to work collaboratively with humans or machines to significantly advance both physical and intelligent capabilities.

This broad, cross-disciplinary area is of importance to several EPSRC challenge and capability themes. This workshop will be delivered as a cross-theme event, with representation from the ICT and Engineering capability themes as well as the Manufacturing the Future challenge theme. This approach will allow us to explore the complementary contributions that researchers from different disciplines can make, and provide an opportunity to identify potential future actions which may facilitate collaboration between these disciplines.

In addition to the technical challenges posed, attention also needs to be given to user needs and societal issues. As such, EPSRC welcomes applications not only from those with a core interest in robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) and other areas of EPS that can contribute to future intelligent technologies, but also from, for example, those with a relevant background in design, safety, ethics or legislation. We would like to encourage contributions from across all career stages.

This will be a two day workshop, spanning 24 and 25 February 2015. It will provide an opportunity for researchers with an interest in the broad area of intelligent technologies to engage in discussion, consider the future challenges and opportunities presented and encourage the formation of new connections that may begin address the research challenges identified.

Output from the workshop will be presented as a report which will feed into EPSRC’s strategies regarding intelligent technologies over the course of the next Delivery Plan.

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