Drug Discovery 2016 venue – ACC, Liverpool.

The ELRIG Drug Discovery meeting celebrates it’s 10th anniversary in 2016. This year the meeting returns to the ACC Conference Centre in Liverpool on the 13th and 14th October. Since the first meeting in Nottingham the Drug Discovery meeting has grown to attract over 1300 attendees, with a leading reputation for the presentation of breaking science in the field of early drug discovery.

This continues in 2016 with sessions discussing critical issues in drug discovery including target validation, hit discovery biology, technology and chemistry, translational science and advances in Oncology and Immunology. Central to the mission of ELRIG is to make our meetings accessible to scientists at all stages of their careers and from all parts of the scientific community, hence uniquely our meetings continue to be free to attend.

Success in target validation, lead discovery and translational science increasingly involves creating collaborative partnerships between expert groups drawn from academia, technology companies and industry. Pharma is increasingly reaching out to academia through open innovation initiatives, and academic funding bodies increasingly look to support the translation of novel discoveries not economy value. The ELRIG Drug discovery meeting provides a unique opportunity for scientists from from academia, biotechnology and industry to build new relationships to advance scientific discovery and ultimately deliver new medicines to patients within an exhibition containing 70 exhibiting organisations.

Drug Discovery 2016 is only six weeks away. Whether you are a regular attendee at ELRIG meetings, or have not attended an ELRIG meeting before, I would like to invite you to join us in the great city of Liverpool for our 10th Anniversary meeting, which will include a gala celebration event at the Museum of Liverpool, to share great science and to build new relationships.

Kind regards

Steve Rees
ELRIG Chairman

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