Keynote Insights from Steve Bates at ELRIG's Research & Innovation 2024 Conference

The future of Drug Discovery: Keynote Insights from Steve Bates

Steve Bates is the CEO of the UK Bioindustry Association, the UK’s Trade Association for innovative life science companies and he also serves on the UK Government’s Life Sciences Council and the UK Biosecurity Leadership Council.

Steve’s Keynote: Supporting the UK’s globally competitive innovation ecosystem

There is a fundamental shift in how life science research is being carried out, the computational tools are transforming early drug discovery which in turn leads to real chemistry, advanced diagnostics and innovative therapies.

Steve’s keynote will be talking about these changes and how the UK provides both the structural and skills sets needed to be at the forefront. He will dive further into:

  • Integration of tech in life sciences will allow us to meet the challenges of tomorrow, precision medicine in oncology, AMR and animal-free drug discovery are all possible through Big Data & AI.
  • The UK houses unparalleled research hubs like the Francis Crick inst. just over the road from global leaders in AI at Google DeepMind facility in Kings Cross.
  • Key to taking advantage of new technologies is nurturing the next generation of talent, in digital skills, manufacturing and leadership.
  • AI & ML are only as good as the datasets they are trained with. The NHS is a unique treasure trove of longitudinal data but data diversity is key to ensuring equality of treatment.
  • Diversity in thinking is as important as diversity in data and creating a diverse team and wider life science sector will improve innovation for all.

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