ELRIG Networking Event:

From Farm to Pharma, a Celebration of Synthesis at Glasshouse,  Alderley Park
8 December 2021, 17:00 - 20:30 BST

Chair Person:
Allan Jordan, Director, Oncology Drug Discovery
Sygnature Discovery

Event overview:

For the last sixty five years, synthetic chemistry has been at the forefront of activities at Alderley Park and it’s application has led to numerous molecules responsible for improving human health and well-being.

 Whilst the Park has transitioned into a new era of research, moving from a large Pharma research hub to a bustling science park, it maintains this long tradition of synthetic excellence.  The park is home to a vibrant community of chemists, working across a variety of organisations and applications, particularly focussing on the delivery of novel agents to combat human disease and agrochemicals to ensure security of our food supply.

 Join us for an evening of chemistry conversations, with talks from several organisations located at Alderley Park, as we celebrate this heritage and hear more about the breadth of organic chemistry activities across the site.”

Event presenters:

  • Stuart Brown, Apex Molecular – ‘Requirements for Delivering High Potency Chemistry Services.’
  • Victoria Jackson, Globachem Discovery – “Scaffold hopping and bioisosteric approaches as alternatives to macrocyclic picolinamides”
  • Elisha Tiu, Sygnature Discovery – “From Idea to Library: The development of 40,000 Unique Lead-like Compounds”

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