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Hi-Plex Analysis

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We hope you can join us for our next webinar on the topic of Hi-Plex analysis which we will be running in association with Fluidigm. High-Plex imaging, enables scientists to look at tens or even over a thousand different targets within the same image.  There has been an explosion of techniques, each with their own advantages. These can enable spatial imaging with resolutions ranging from 100 microns to subcellular capabilities, targeting RNA or proteins or both within the same image.

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Thursday 23rd April 2020: 2pm

Confirmed Speakers

Peter O’Toole (University of York)
‘Getting more from your images; From label-free to high-plex imaging’

Roberto Spada (Fluidigm)
‘Bringing the power of CyTOF to COVID-19 research – mass cytometry in infectious disease’

David McDonald (Newcastle University)
‘Preserving the spatial context of cellular  heterogeneity using imaging mass cytometry’

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