New modalities in Pharmacology & Drug Discovery 2022

Joint Meeting with The British Pharmacological Society

4-5 July 2022

The Crick, London

BPS & ELRIG joint meeting: New Modalities in Pharmacology and Drug Discovery

Human biology and the diseases we encounter have, by and large, been the same for generations. Over time, new technologies have accelerated our understanding of disease biology and our ability to invent and refine new treatment types for pharmacological intervention. Combining detailed knowledge of disease pathways with new intervention technologies heralds the opportunity to discover and exploit novel pharmacology, and to build a truly multimodal paradigm for drug discovery.   Genetic association or perturbation studies in phenotypic disease models are increasingly used to select potential drug targets, however many proteins identified are not amenable to well-validated pharmacological intervention approaches. Accordingly, Biotech and Pharma are expanding their technology portfolios and exploring which of the emerging modalities are best suited for each disease and protein target class.

At this conference we will explore new pharmacological modalities of differing mechanisms, shapes and sizes and how these are being translated to create patient benefit.  As a joint meeting of drug discovery and pharmacology experts we will focus on cross learning opportunities. We will stimulate thoughts on which disease-affected pathways might benefit from emerging therapeutic modalities and how academic and industry research into these modalities reveal deeper pharmacology, thus completing the “bench to bedside and back to bench” cycle of effective drug discovery.

New Modalities – Programme


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