Research & Innovation 2024

20-21 March

The University of Manchester

Research & Innovation – Accelerating Future Drug Discovery – This event will discuss how emerging biology and cutting-edge technologies are pioneering the medicines of tomorrow. Bringing together scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs with bold ideas to serve our shared ambitions in creating the next generation of therapeutics to cure more patients around the world. The 2024 R&I meeting – based in Manchester – will focus on cutting edge innovation, comprising the following four main sessions.

Track 1 – Oncology. Liz Anderson (CRL); Susan Critchlow (AstraZeneca)

Track 2 – Animal-free drug discovery. Emma Shepherd (Aston University) & Mike Morton (Apconix)

Track 3 – New horizons in tackling antimicrobial resistance. Bev Isherwood (MDC); Lisa Dawson (Charles River Laboratories)

Track 4 – Mass spectrometry and ‘omics. Zack Gurard-Levin (Charles River Laboratories)

Roger Clark – Charles River Labs
Sarah Brockbank – MDC