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March 29-30

Hinxton Hall Conference Centre, Cambridge

The 2023 ELRIG Research & Innovation conference will discuss how emerging biology and cutting-edge technologies are pioneering the medicines of tomorrow. Bringing together scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs with bold ideas to serve our shared ambitions in creating the next generation of therapeutics to cure more patients around the world. The 2023 R&I meeting will focus on cutting edge innovation, comprising the following four main sessions.

  • Synthetic biology: genetically programmed healthcare
      • Synthetic biology is enabling drug development by improving the ability of scientists to design and engineer biological systems for specific purposes. These approaches can potentially lead to faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective, sustainable drug development. Furthermore, programmable gene circuits can provide novel functionality and control to therapeutic systems, thereby creating entirely new classes of cell and gene therapies.”
      • Session Chairs:  Ron Weiss (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Simon Todd (AstraZeneca)
          • Ultra-rare disease drug discovery and personalized therapies
              • With improved (genetic) diagnosis and federated analytics for finding patients, we have come to realize that rare diseases are not so rare after all. Recent developments in drug development, including gene therapy and oligonucleotide therapy approvals are also opening up avenues for personalized or n=1 drugs.   Clinical development is furthermore adapting to use biomarkers, single patient experimental medicine and decentralised clinical trials.
              • Session Chairs: David Fischer (Charles River) & Joanne Hackett (IQVIA)
  • Age-Old Challenges, Modern Solutions: The Role of Geroscience In Addressing Age-Related Diseases
      • Lifespan is increasing but healthy life expectancy is not keeping pace – we are living longer but not healthier. Geroscience aims to treat age-related diseases by addressing core ageing processes; novel drug discovery approaches have the potential to help deliver this objective.
      • Session Chairs: Janet Lord (University of Birmingham), Lynne Cox (Oxford)
  • The Rise of AI Driven Drug Discovery
      • We are seeing a revolution in the application of AI to improve decision making in drug discovery. This session will focus on presenting and evaluating emerging technologies and innovations in AI which promise to drive drug discovery research in the future.
      • Session Chairs: Garry Pairaudeau (Exscientia) & Kathryn Giblin (AstraZeneca)

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