Accelerating Future Drug Discovery

20-21 MARCH


Research & Innovation – Accelerating Future Drug Discovery

This event will discuss how emerging biology and cutting-edge technologies are pioneering the medicines of tomorrow. Bringing together scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs with bold ideas to serve our shared ambitions in creating the next generation of therapeutics to cure more patients around the world. The 2024 R&I meeting – based in Manchester – will comprise the following four main sessions.

Track 1 – Animal-free drug discovery. Emma Shepherd (Aston University) & Mike Morton (Apconix)
There has been a major shift away from animal use which has been catapulted by recent legislation stating that the FDA will consider approval of new medicines without animal data.  This session will showcase some of the latest innovations and applications of animal-free technologies including world leading experts who will share their insights and experiences on the challenges and opportunities of animal-free drug discovery and development.

Track 2 – Oncology – Thinking the unthinkable and drugging the undruggable. Liz Anderson (Storm Therapeutics Ltd) & Susan Critchlow (AstraZeneca)
In the ever-evolving landscape of cancer research, we find ourselves on the precipice of transformative discoveries that will pave the way for a new generation of cancer therapeutics.  This session will explore the latest innovations in Oncology drug discovery and development and will cover advances in developing antibody-drug conjugates, RNA modifying enzymes and targeting previously undruggable targets.

Track 3 – New horizons in tackling antimicrobial resistance. Bev Isherwood (MDC) & Lisa Dawson (Charles River Laboratories)
AMR is one of the biggest health challenges we face as a global society, and it is currently developing faster than the speed of our scientific discoveries. There is an urgent need to grow a pipeline of high-quality antimicrobial drugs and diagnostics if we are going to address AMR and protect lives worldwide. Antimicrobial Therapies are undergoing a transformation. Similar to that which occurred with the treatment of cancer where innovation has led to both ‘one for all’ chemotherapies and treatments that target specific oncogenic pathways, pathogen and/or indication specific approaches to tackle multi-drug resistant infections are being considered. This transformation is being enabled by a new wave of innovation in medicines and diagnostics discovery. This session will explore the opportunities and challenges.

Track 4 – Mass spectrometry and ‘omics. Zack Gurard-Levin (Charles River Laboratories) & Marcus Bantscheff (GSK)
Mass spectrometry (MS) continues to gain momentum as a powerful tool in drug discovery and development, allowing the direct and hypothesis free analysis of the molecular constituents of cells and body fluids. Mass spectrometric measurements provide valuable insights for defining disease states, target discovery and validation, target engagement and mechanisms of bioactive molecules and drug safety. This session will highlight recent advances in mass spectrometry techniques and their applications in drug discovery, including native MS, affinity selection mass spectrometry (ASMS), and chemoproteomics. Learn from experts on how MS can inform on small molecule-target interactions, elucidation of protein structures, and the impact of drugs on cellular pathways.

Roger Clark – Charles River Labs
Sarah Brockbank – MDC

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