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The meeting will bring together world class speakers and leading academic and industry experts who will discuss the challenges and opportunities in the area of new technologies and novel targets to improve the success of drug discovery and to develop new therapeutic agents. Hear up-to-date views on this exciting and rapidly evolving area, including presentations on the latest advances and technology breakthroughs.

Each year, Research & Innovation provides a highly impactful learning and networking opportunity for scientists engaged in early-phase drug discovery whether in Academia, Biotech or Pharma. Scientific sessions are complemented by a poster session, networking opportunities and a vendor exhibition with over 40 exhibitors, including recently formed companies with new and disruptive technologies. This year’s meeting will focus on taking new understanding derived from clinical observation and ‘omics forward to identify and prosecute novel drug targets. The sessions will cover:

Technologies and strategies for novel target discovery
Including novel genomic and proteomic approaches to target discovery across a wide range of diseases

 Novel targets in neuroscience
Emerging opportunities in neuroscience informed by fundamental research into health and disease

Technologies for novel target prosecution
Case studies on how to engage with challenging new targets and develop workable screening processes for new targets – e.g. PROTACs

Novel targets in oncology
Emerging opportunities in oncology including topics such as personalized medicine and gene regulation by non-coding RNAs.


Available presentations from this event can be downloaded by completing this short download request.


Images from this event will be available shortly.