Translating Ideas into Therapies 2021

Co-Hosted with the British Pharmacological Society

The global need for effective medicines is increasing, whilst the biology underlying new drug concepts is becoming increasingly complex. This meeting will outline how our research community is rising to address these challenges by following the early life cycle of new medicine concepts through 3 critical stages: 1) Identifying your target. 2) Drugging your target. 3) Gaining clinical insights. These session themes will run sequentially and blend the most exciting science from early career researchers, commercial organisations and key academic, clinical and industry leaders in the field. In addition, an interactive panel discussion will provide the opportunity to share perspectives on some of the most current and innovative routes though which to translate scientific ideas into impactful therapies. Topics in scope for this scientific program will include: 

Target Identification & Validation

  • Disease-centric biology insights & dealing with increasingly complex target biology
  • Leveraging emerging platform technologies
  • Deconvoluting target hit lists

Drugging your target

  • How new drug formats are changing drug discovery
  • New concepts in pharmacology – poly-pharmacology, cellular kinetics etc
  • New models of collaborative drug discovery (panel discussion topic)

Clinical insights

  • Experimental medicine studies with proprietary and/or essential medicines
  • Examples of successful clinical translation of new medicine concepts
  • Bringing patient data insights into the discovery pipeline

Through this meeting, we aim to bring together the research community working in the field of new medicine creation with interests in developing their translational research ideas and applying novel technologies and means of collaboration to address critical clinical needs. Join scientists from academia, pharma, biotech and CRO’s either in person or online to hear talks given by speakers at the cutting edge of their field and gain strategic insights into solutions for increasing the success of your therapeutic ideas.

Our keynote speakers

Professor Lucie Clapp

Lucie Clapp is Professor of Vascular Physiology at the UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science.
A pharmacologist and biophysicist by training, her research expertise lies in the functional properties of potassium channels and prostaglandins in the cardiovascular system and their role in bacterial infection and blood vessel remodeling. She has won numerous awards and accolades for her research, including five science fellowships.

Professor Simon Boulton

Simon Boulton is the Senior Group Leader of the DSB Repair Metabolism Laboratory at the Francis Crick Institute and an Honorary Professor at UCL. Simon’s lab exploits the respective experimental strengths of C. elegans and mouse genetics, cell biology and biochemistry to study the mechanisms of DNA double strand break repair in mitotic and meiotic cells. Over the years Simon’s lab has discovered novel DNA repair genes and provided molecular insights into human diseases. He has been elected as a member of EMBO and the Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

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