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ELRIG and Singular Talent Co-Hosted Panel Discussion:

Beyond the Lab – Alternative Careers for Scientists

Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Event overview:

Are you passionate about science, but unsure if you’d like a career in the lab? The good news is that you have many scientific career options which aren’t lab-based. In fact, candidates with scientific qualifications and backgrounds are increasingly desirable in other fields. There may even be career options you haven’t even thought about yet!

Join our expert recruiter who’ll share his insight on different career paths in biotech such as Project Management, Business Development/Commercial roles and People Leadership roles.

We’ll open to a panel discussion with professionals who’ll share their personal experience of moving into non lab-based careers including Program Management, Consulting, and Marketing.

Who should attend?

Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Post-Doctoral and other early career professionals in science looking to learn more about careers outside of the more traditional routes.

Joint Panel Discussion:

Nik Ogryzko, Talent Programme Manager, UKRI
Nik is an ex-postdoc from a classic life science background. He completed his PhD and stayed at the University of Sheffield for his first postdoc. He moved to the University of Edinburgh to take on another project before taking up his current role with UK Research and Innovation, the UK’s main public research funder. In the lab, Nik genetically engineered fluorescent zebrafish to investigate how the immune system reacts to tissue injury and early cancer. At UKRI, Nik leads on a programme to support early career researchers and technicians in higher education and in research institute.

Lotta Räty, Marketing Manager, Miltenyi Biotec
Lotta gained her BSc in biochemistry, and through various student jobs in and out of the lab it became apparent that she was more drawn to the sales and business side of science than lab work. After graduating with an MSc in Bioscience Technology she worked several years in sales with various companies, before starting as a product manager at Miltenyi Biotec in 2016. Her current role as marketing manager involves developing trainings and marketing materials for sales representatives and customers, performing market analyses and marketing activities, and guiding the strategic roadmap, development and launch of new products within the portfolio.

Tom Froggatt, MD, Singular Talent
Tom has advised drug discovery companies for over 15 years on best practice recruitment, hiring and research insights to remain relevant as an employer brand. Tom set up Singular Talent with the mission to make ‘Make Hiring Better’ for companies and candidates. He also hosts Careers in Discovery – a podcast series of interviews with leaders in Drug Discovery and R&D: you’ll learn about the careers of these influential figures, the work they are doing, how they got to where they are and what advice they’d give their younger selves.

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