A Poster at an ELRIG event will be both a physical and digital poster. The physical poster should be A0 Portrait and there will be a board reserved for you in the Exhibition Hall. The digital poster requires a PDF (Max 5mb) to be added to your poster at registration. This will be on display in our virtual world which is accessible via our website and the ELRIG App.

How to submit a poster:

To submit an abstract, first you must register for the event Upcoming Events – ELRIG

Once registered, you will be able to “Turn on Abstract Submissions” From here you can manage your abstracts.

Please see the poster section on the event page for the submission deadline.

There are two deadlines – the first is to be considered for a 10-minute oral presentation in the main scientific track and the second is the latest date to submit your poster for general display at the event.

If you have already registered, you can login to your account here and “Turn on Abstract Submissions”

It is important to download a PDF of your poster (if company/university policy allows).  This allows the Scientific Judging Panel to review your poster prior to the event and enables delegates to view post event via the ELRIG virtual world

What you need to know:

Abstract Title Max of 255 characters

Abstracts Max of 2000 characters.

We recommend that you prepare your abstract off-line and then copy and paste into this box. Bold, Italic and other HTML markings-up do consume characters, so please try and aim for less than 2000 plain text.

Authors Max number of authors is fourteen.

We require the first initial (second optional), last name, email address and institution that most pertains to the work.

Attachments Max Upload 5Mb

Your Poster PDF supporting document required.

The Scientific Judging Panel reserves the right to reject manuscripts that do not comply with these requirements. The author will be held responsible for false statements or for failure to fulfil the requirements.


After you complete all sections the “submit” button will be available. Your data is saved, and you can edit, submit, and re-submit any time up to the deadline for poster submissions.

The Scientific Judging Panel will check that all the information needed has been added and the poster is relevant to the event content

ELRIG will then send notification when your poster has been accepted or requires further information

An email will be sent prior to the event with your poster number

During the event:

A board will be available with your poster number and Velcro strips to affix your poster

Poster sessions will take place for 30-minute sessions during both lunchbreaks and the networking session at the end of day 1.  We expect you to be at your poster during this time to engage with the delegates and the scientific judging panel

There are two poster prizes – Best Early Career Professional Poster and Best Overall Poster.  These will be judged during the event by the Scientific Judging Panel and will be awarded at site and shared via our social media.

Each prize is awarded £250 which can be accepted, donated to your lab or donated to a charity of your choice.

The posters will need to be collected at the end of the event and removed from site; any posters left at the end of the event will be disposed of.

Oral presentations:

The Scientific Judging Panel will review the posters for oral presentations and if successful you will receive confirmation from the ELRIG Team two weeks prior to the event

The presentation will be for 10-minutes, and you will need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation

Unable to attend:

If you are no longer able to attend the event, please inform the ELRIG team via the mailbox so that we can assign your board to another presenter