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The Way to the Next Generation Lab of the Future – What, Why, How?

From laborious data transfer and incorrect user settings, to poor utilization and uptime, the lab today can be a frustrating place to work!

The future promises to be bright, but what will the lab look like? Can our labs benefit from the revolution of the Internet of Things and concepts from Industry 4.0?

Join SiLA for 4 highly-interactive linked sessions on October 4th, 9am – 1.15pm during ELRIG’s Drug Discovery 2017 conference at ACC, Liverpool.

Each session is led by industry leaders and will propose a vision of what is cutting edge in each area. They will take us on the journey to the lab of the future. Attendees will debate that vision and how best to prepare for it in a fun and interactive way.

A detailed program is coming soon! For more information and free registration visit: https://elrig.org/portfolio/drug-discovery-2017-elrigdd17/