Learn from experts in lab automation and AI, and find the latest innovations that could transform your pipeline

The age of the robot: Learn how robotics is impacting drug discovery

Learn from experts in lab automation and AI, and find the latest innovations that could transform your pipeline

Robotics, automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), are transforming the life sciences. From speeding up manual processes, such as liquid handling, to analysing chemical data to inform critical research activities, how scientists work is undergoing significant change. Excitingly, these advances are already having an immense and profound impact on the speed and success of the drug discovery process, and we’re still to unlock the majority of their potential.

At ELRIG, we’re committed to bringing you the latest scientific innovations and applications in one place. And that’s exactly what we’re doing at this year’s free-to-attend Robotics and Automation event in Esslingen, Stuttgart, 30 November – 1 December.

Hosted at our partner Festo’s headquarters in Esslingen, the event is held in one of the world’s leading centres for robotics and automation innovation, providing the perfect setting to learn from subject matter experts, discover the latest developments and grow your network. We’re also partnering with SLAS to bring together members of the life science community interested in and dedicated to untapping the potential of robotics and automation from various industries. This ensures the two-day conference provides an exclusive opportunity to network and be involved in inspiring and interesting discussions with leaders in instrumentation, informatics and lab automation.

Places are limited so register now! Still not convinced? Then read on to get a sneak peek from our speakers and find out more about the topics covered at the event, as well as our exclusive liquid handling workshop.

World-class research covering four hot topics

The jam-packed programme includes talks from world-renowned experts covering a variety of subjects in four hot topics:

  • Applications and innovations in chemistry: The last decade has seen an explosion in the use of automation in many chemical processes. This pillar focuses on the most recent applications and innovations that can fully automate multiple protocols and workflows. Curious about how these developments can meet the challenges of rapid scale-up and optimise the synthesis of novel chemical entities? Then you don’t want to miss this!
  • Applications and innovations in the physical sciences: An area of rapid development and huge potential. Learn how connected, autonomous lab equipment combined with ML will expand our understanding of substances and their properties, ultimately leading to the adaptation of the laws of physics.
  • Applications and innovations in biology: The drug discovery industry is no stranger to applying automation to overcome the burden of repetitive tasks and facilitate the execution of cellular or biochemical experiments — but these applications are not without their challenges. This session looks at those challenges in automating biological processes, and how the latest advances can overcome them.
  • Applications and innovations in human robotics and AI: This field is undergoing dramatic change; so much so it can be difficult to keep up with the latest developments. During this session, you will learn about the development of safe, intuitive and reliable robotics for the real world.

Meet your keynote speakers

We don’t have room to tell you about all the fantastic speakers. But to give you a hint of the calibre of the presentations, meet our two keynote speakers, Professor Mimi Hii and Professor Ross King.

Mimi is the Professor of Catalysis at Imperial College London and has a particular interest in the development of catalytic reactions for C-C or C-X bond formations. With more than 125 peer-reviewed papers, Mimi is one of the leaders of the field. On day one of Robotics and Automation, Mimi will talk about how efforts in inaugurating a centralised automated research facility (ROAR) in the UK will support the training of early career professions and the technical needs of seasoned researchers alike. She will present case studies demonstrating high-throughput screening in continuous flow and online analytical methods that can be applied to other research efforts.

On day two, Ross will discuss the development of his third-generation Robot Scientist ‘Genesis’. Genesis will be able to run 10,000 cycles of hypothesis-led experiments in parallel per day, and how, if the current rate of development is maintained, robot scientists could be making high-quality, autonomous discoveries by 2050. Ross is the expert in-the-know in this area. A Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge, Ross has previously developed two robot scientists: Adam and Eve. Adam was the first machine to autonomously discover scientific knowledge, while Eve is currently searching for drugs against neglected tropical diseases.

These are not the types of talks you can afford to miss, so join us in Esslingen so you can hear from, and speak to Mimi, Ross, and our other speakers.

Almost too hot to handle — free workshop!

On December 2nd, Festo is giving Robotics and Automation attendees the opportunity to attend a hands-on workshop at their Plieninger facility. To attend, register for Robotics and Automation 2022 and include the workshop as part of your ticket. Alternatively, email info@elrig.org.

During the workshop you will:

  • Be taught the basics of pressure-controlled dispensing and the pipetting of liquids via a demonstration and hands-on experience
  • Go behind the scenes at Festo with a tour of the factory so you can see how digitalisation and Industry 4.0 is used in practice.

You can’t afford to miss this: Register for Robotics and Automation 2022 now

To learn from and meet the experts and discover the breakthrough technologies that could transform your research, register for Robotics and Automation 2022 now. Remember, places are limited so don’t delay, register today!