The Research & Innovation Early Career Professional (ECP) Impact Award 2022

The ELRIG Early Career Professional (ECP) Impact Award 2022 is designed to recognise and celebrate ECPs that are having a positive impact on preclinical drug discovery. Dr Antje Grotz, Postdoctoral Fellow at AstraZeneca has been selected to receive this years’ award in recognition of her work performing a genome-wide CRISPR screen of human pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction to understand the molecular mechanisms mediating Type 2 diabetes risk, as well as for her efforts as an ECP at AstraZeneca and various science festivals. Dr Grotz will deliver a presentation at ELRIG UK’s Research & Innovation event taking place in Oxford, UK from 29–30 March.

Dr Mark Soave, ECP Work Group Leader at ELRIG UK and Senior Scientist at OMass Therapeutics, added: The ECP Impact award looks to highlight our future leaders by recognising the delivery of impactful science and technology, and we are delighted that Dr Antje Grotz is this years’ recipient. We look forward to celebrating her well-deserved achievement at ELRIG UK’s Research & Innovation later this month.”

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