Three reasons you should attend ELRIG Research and Innovation 2022

ELRIG Research and Innovation 2022: why this unique event is not to be missed

We are delighted to be hosting our free in-person event, Research & Innovation 2022, in Oxford from 29th March this year. One of the main themes of the event will be the methods by which cutting-edge science continues to be identified – and we will look to explore how emerging technologies will enable the translation of innovation into successful therapeutics in the coming years.

During the two-day event, our four themed streams will address different aspects of innovation across drug discovery, placing an emphasis on the digital age and how this is ushering in novel modalities.

The event is centred around learning, connecting, and being inspired – and is accessible and open to all.

So, why should you attend? We spoke with our Conference Directors and put together our top three reasons why Research & Innovation 2022 could be the show for you.

Reason one: High-quality content from industry leading experts

“We know exactly what the industry is looking for in terms of quality content” – Verena Brucklacher-Waldert (Conference Director and Manager at Horizon Discovery / PerkinElmer).

ELRIG is a not-for-profit organisation, run by scientists volunteering their time to serve the scientific community.

Our event speakers have been selected from a range of disciplines across drug discovery, allowing them to share their broad expertise and insights across the four separate tracks:

  • OMICS technology innovations
  • The future of therapeutic genome engineering
  • Drug discovery in the digital age
  • RNA therapeutics & RNA targets at the forefront

The four tracks were chosen due to their interlinking driving factors and their contribution to the overarching theme of innovation and the belief that these areas represent the techniques, approaches, and methodologies that will become mainstream over the next five years.

Unlike other drug discovery events, Research and Innovation 2022 allows attendees to switch between the four tracks.

“What I like about the format is that you can jump between the sessions, you can choose what you want to learn about and get a bit of everything” – Darren Cawkill (Conference Director, and Program Director, Apollo Therapeutics).

Reason two: Powerful networking

“Members across the scientific community are coming together to learn, share, connect and innovate together at Research and Innovation 2022, with the ability to establish collaborations to support your own research” – Theresia Schaedler (Conference Director and Senior Scientist at Maxion Therapeutics).

The opportunity to exchange ideas is open to all – Research and Innovation 2022 attendees consist of a cross-section of professionals from innovative commercial leaders and experts to academics and Early Career Professionals (ECPs). You will be able to meet with people from different backgrounds, countries, age ranges, and disciplines, all bringing their unique experiences and insights to the event.

The event venue boasts a large exhibition area alongside the main event programme, whilst also allowing for networking opportunities through breakout sessions, a poster exhibition, and the highly anticipated evening event.

“Everyone at ELRIG events is really approachable, our events are all about being proactive and actively engaging with people” – Verena Brucklacher-Waldert


Reason three: A huge opportunity for Early Career Professionals 

“As an ECP myself, I have spent a lot of time in academia and what is good about ELRIG’s events is that they are perfect for scientists that are transitioning from academia to industry to exchange ideas and discuss great science,” – Theresia Schaedler

The emphasis on networking at this event is perfectly suited to Early Career Professionals. Uniquely, Research and Innovation 2022 provides access to senior industry and academia members – this is not always easy, particularly at a free event.

“You can join the event being knowledgeable in your field but not being an expert in any particular subject area, and really learn a lot from the people around you” – Darren Cawkill

This year, the ELRIG Early Career Professional Award will be presented at Research and Innovation 2022 to Dr Antje Grotz (Post-Doctoral Fellow, AstraZeneca) who will also be delivering a presentation on the work that contributed to her winning the award: ‘GWAS to Casual Genes; A CRISPR Screen for Type 2 Diabetes’

“The ECP Award is a great way to give ECPs a platform and to acknowledge their achievements,” said Theresia Schaedler.

Research & Innovation 2022: not to be missed

Are you ready to be connected to industry professionals and have the opportunity to get your finger on the pulse of the latest innovations from the scientific industry? Research and Innovation 2022 will be held on the 29th & 30th March at The King’s Centre, Oxford.

There is still time to book your place: