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Research & Innovation 2019
Drug Discovery 2018
Research & Innovation 2019

Blue Skies Research

Research & Innovation 2019 plenary keynote speaker Professor Steve Jackson, University of Cambridge, explains “blue skies” research, how it provides insight into disease treatment and how it has contributed to the development of cancer drugs.

The evolution of drug discovery

Research & Innovation 2019 conference director Dr Jonathan Hutchinson, senior scientific officer, GlaxoSmithKline explains how drug discovery has evolved over the years.

Challenges for Target Identification

Research & Innovation 2019 conference director Dr Darren Cawkill, Project Director, Apollo Therapeutics, explains some of the challenges associated with target identification.

Exciting developments in drug discovery

Dr Nadine Clemo, Apollo Therapeutics, shares exciting developments within the field of drug discovery.

Artificial Intelligence in Drug Design

Dr Ola Engkvist, Section Head, AstraZeneca, discusses how AI is being applied to drug design and the challenges associated with this approach. He also shares his insights on the future of AI in drug discovery.

Artificial Intelligence in Drug Design and Development

Dr Namshik Han, Head of Computational Biology, Milner Therapeutics Institute explains how AI is being used to identify new and better therapeutics, the challenges associated with this approach and what he thinks the future of AI in drug discovery looks like.

Protein Degradation in Drug Discovery

Dr Darryl McConnell, Senior Vice President and Research Site Head, Boehringer Ingelheim, explains why protein degradation is important to the drug discovery community. He also describes his work in this area, outlining how to decide when it is appropriate to use PROTACS.

Activity-directed synthesis for small molecule discovery

Dr George Karageorgis, University of Leeds, explains activity-directed synthesis and its advantages for drug discovery and development.

Drug Discovery 2018

Nav1.7 selective blockers and their current status of development

Dr Zahid Ali, Mundipharma Research and Development, explains selective Nav1.7 blockers and why they are important for analgesic research. He also outlines their current status of development.

A business model for open drug discovery

Dr Aled Edwards, Structural Genomics Consortium, discusses the aims and benefits of open drug discovery approach

Advanced human cellular assays

Professor Steve Anderton, Concept Life Sciences discusses advanced human cellular assays

Applying deep learning architectures to de novo molecular drug design

Dr Ola Engkvist, AstraZeneca, outlines how deep learning architectures are being applied to drug discovery

Assessing and addressing biopharmaceutical aggregation

Dr David Brockwell, University of Leeds, explains aggregation and why protein-based pharmaceuticals are particularly susceptible to it.

Chemical linkers in antibody drug conjugate development

Dr Mark Frigerio, Abzena, explains the importance of chemical linkers for ADCs and the challenges associated with their development.